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All Eyes on the World  2017

13W x 21H x 3.5D

Found Objects: Showcase, Tibetan head,
saint statue, metal floral leaves, doll eyes, pool balls, gears.

The Little Fight 2017

9W x 8.5H x 7D

Found Objects: Metal chairs

Musique  2017

16W x 17H x 3D

Found Objects: Steak Platter pieces of musical instruments, clock faces, wheel, letters, 78lp record

Life Always Ends up in a Box 2017

26H x15.5W x 4.75D

Found Objects: Wood box, vintage photos, film

reels,dominoes,dice, Monoply pieces,St. Christopher Medal, 78LP, clairinette piece, mini-wooden bowling pin, plastic cowboy, yardstick segment, cartoon lamp shade Scrabble dice, sheet music, toy head, animal toys and bits.

Eye Opener 2017

7.5W x 7.5H x 8.5 D

Found Objects: Marbles, powder horn, spoon,

dolls eye, large cup and saucer

Resounding Belle 2017

15W x 18H x 8 D

Found Objects: statue,table bells, jingle bells,

compass, wood wall planter

Reel Time 2017

53W x 30.5H x 5D

Found Objects: Film reels and

cans, pull chain, frame

Make a Joyful Noise 2017

16W x 19H x 13.5D

Found objects: Cutting board, new years

noisemakers, globes,wood carved mask,

dolls eyes miniature hands, cymbal,

children’s xylophone keys, clarinet horn,

cuckoo clock antlers.


Tree of Knowledge 2017

14W x 14H x 2D

Found objects: Cutting board, printers blocks,watch parts,

clock parts , misc metal ornament.


Koma Asobi


16.5H x 8W x 5.5D


Clock case knick–knack figurine, tops, plastic pig, maple leaf, chinese coins, fountain pen, ceramic oriental mask and
ornamental knob.

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