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Amerika 2016

14W x 10.75H x 7D

Found Objects: Plastic bank, doll arms, lower case letter, flag, wood base

Please Stop the Noise in My Head 2016

17W x 21H x 17D

Found Objects: Cutting board, Noise makers, bike horn, Children's top and drum,
broken 78 records , doll's head

One Piece of Ripe Fruit 2016

34W x 33H x 20D

Found Objects: Display wooden forks + spoons, wood fruit, flatware forks. Wooden base.

Turandot 2016

32H x 4W x 6.5D

Found Objects: Piano keys,venetian mask, violin parts, italian stamps,

sheets music, RCA victor statue, gears, flute, 78 Edison record.

Aida 2015

22.5W x 26H X4.75D

Found Objects: Horn,glasses, sheet music parts of violin, cymbal,
children's blocks, flute part drumsticks

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